Wednesday, December 23, 2015


First and foremost! 

Big thank you to Dino for letting me to attend this event and not forgetting Corrina as well (I hope I get your name right)! Big thanks and hugs to the staff and crew of Hitz FM Sabah too - I love you guys so much!!! *bear hugs everyone*

I have been a big fan of Wong Fu Productions and I squealed even harder when they shot a music video for one of my favourite Taiwanese singer – Leehom Wang (you can check out the MV here!). 

Getting this close to them is like a dream to me and I never even thought that I might really get to attend the party. I remembered pretty well that the day the sky was gloomy and raining, traffic jam is everywhere and I had pretty upset stomach and headache - but that doesn’t stop me from coming – MUST SEE WONG FU! MUST!

Left to Right: Wesley, Jinny and Phil!♡
Before the media starts we had a mini media session with Phil and Wesley (and well hey there Jinny Boy!) - Q&As with the press and they described how much they liked it here in KK (It is their first time in Kota Kinabalu and their first meal was at Kak Nong! :D) and planning to try the longest zipline at Pulau Sapi.

Let's enjoy the party ;)
Some games before the real deal begins :)
Left to Right: Jinnyboy, Phil, Wesley, Taylor and Christine 
A group picture WongFu Productions with Jinny Boy and Hitz FM Sabah
I enjoyed my time at the party getting autographs and taking selfies (keeping the pictures for my own viewing hehe) and all the delicious free food (the chicken wings!) and I wished the party was extended to a little longer :( 

Not only that I enjoyed my day I also got inspired by these amazing guys as they share their experiences, how they endure the hardships and deal with their insecurities… how they never give up in things they had passion in and worked hard to achieve their goals and dreams to bring them where they are today – which a good reminder for myself to not give up and work hard to achieve what I want. 

Thank you guys! I hope to see you guys soon (:

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