Thursday, October 13, 2016


Definitely not for the ones with a weak heart.
Imago Shopping Mall has again produced a series of events for its patrons this coming Halloween. The Reformatory is the second event produced after the success of last year's event The Infirmary, that you can see long queues up to the main entrance waiting patiently to enter the haunted house. 

There will be two routes available - Route A and Route B.  There will be staff in charge in both routes to give a quick briefing of your mission before entering.  Blood pressure tests will be taken before queuing for the haunted house - this is to ensure all participant's current heart conditions are safe to enter. Please note that pregnant women are NOT allowed to enter the haunted house as well. Your age must be 16 and above to be allowed entering.

Enter at your own risk ;;;
Entry Ticket:
Spend accumulated receipts of RM100 and above at Imago Shopping Mall to redeem 1 entry ticket. 1 entry ticket qualifies 2 - 4 persons.

The Reformatory will officially opens on Friday, 14th October 2016 until the 13th November 2016. Don't miss out the chance! Thank you Imago for this Media Review invitation! I really enjoyed screaming my lungs out inside the haunted house.

Here is the background story of The Reformatory.  I had to say I am very impressed with the evil mastermind behind this whole event - so much creativity. (The texts below are taken from Imago's official FB page. I do not own this.)

Jonah Trish (Prisoner No. IM00015), Sam Welding (Prisoner No. IM00016), Gina Joseph (Prisoner No. IM00033), and Brenda Johnson (Prisoner No. IM00034), death row prisoners who long protested their prison sentences and claimed to be innocent of the crimes they were convicted, were all sent to a secret prison facility to be reformed, or executed if the rehabilitation fails. This secret facility is known amongst the inmates as The Reformatory. No one actually knows what happens there, but prisoners sent there never returned.

They woke one day to find their cell doors opened. The block they were in was silent. They left their cells slowly and stepped into the corridor. Blood on the floor. No, it was everywhere! As they stepped further, they found their fellow inmates on their bed, dead and desecrated. A voice called out from the dark at the end of the corridor. Two wardens, crawling on the floor barely alive, with blood flowing from their hands reaching out to them, begging for help.

The prisoners started running, a slithering sound chasing after them. They ran, only to find another warden trying to pry open the rusty metal door at the other end of the corridor. The lights flickered and went out. The air turned cold. Awfully cold. Evil cold. Chills ran down their backs. A dark shadow was slowly approaching them, and it whispered, “No mercy.” Are they alive or dead?

Evil Knows No Mercy

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Left to Right: First Love, Lady Marmalade, Cheeznie & Almond Rosa 
Anchor Food Professionals - the foodservice division of Fonterra Brands Malaysia together with its selected bakery partners launched their second phase of its Anchor Say Cheese campaign – an exclusive, limited edition range of Anchor-branded desserts. Lucky for us Sabahans, this new range of desserts are available exclusively at Port View Euro Bread.

A group picture of Mr. Foo and wife (left), owner of Port View Euro Bread together with representatives from Anchor Food Professionals
While the previous phase introduced Japanese inspired desserts with a heavy usage of Anchor Cream Cheese, this year's selections is more into European themed desserts - and also featuring sweet breads as well. Yay for you bread lovers out there!

A close shot of the Lady Marmalade and First Love with the creamy fillings
The Lady Marmalade - a sweet bread with an orange infused cream cheese filling topped with a slice of orange candied peel. The bread is so fluffy and it paired well with the cream cheese filling and overall its not too over sweet at all!.  The First Love, on the other hand is a sweet bread with a dark brownish coating on the outside of the bun, with a brown sugar cream cheese filling with a good sprinkle of brown sugar for that additional crunch.  Both breads are sold at the price of RM2.60 each.

Left to Right: Cheeznie and Lady Rosa unboxed, cut into dainty slices :)
Cheeznie, a spongy version of chocolate brownies layered with a layer of light cream cheese filling and then topped with chopped walnuts. Both the brownie as well as the cream cheese filling does not over power each other - you can taste the chocolatey-ness in the brownies, you can taste the light, not to heavy cream cheese filling as well as the crunchy goodness from the walnuts. Yums!

Almond Rosa - This is my most favourite out of all the selections, I seriously felt like I am in heaven after eating the first bite. A light, fluffy sponge cake made from almond flour with a little crunch of almond nibs layered with the light cream cheese filling. Both cakes are sold at the price of RM6.00 each.

Time to dig in!!!
See those cute heart shaped spoons in the picture above? You can get this limited edition spoon when purchasing any flavour of the 2 cakes. 

These exclusive Anchor's signature creations are available at selected bakeries throughout Malaysia from now until December 2016 so do not miss it! Hurry to any of the Port View Euro Bread outlets near you to try them out!


Here is Tom - paused midway because we told him to so that we can take our shots of the treats. Haha!
It's a KK Bloggers Gang meet up for us! Let's do this often :)

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