Sunday, February 25, 2018


Do you guys know the word Pusas is actually a Kadazan word? Pusas is actually meant be a kind of snacks that can be chips, peanuts or chicken wings that are eaten when having a drink or two with family or friends. 

What makes Pusas so special was that they handcrafted their own bacon and sausages for their burgers and other dishes. I remembered the first time I had their pork burgers was during the Ka'amatan month about 2 to 3 years go - back then they opened a stall in KDCA only selling burgers and I decided to buy one to try - and then I came back again the next day to buy two! They now had their own shop at The Peak and not only they are selling burgers but other dishes as well!

Pulled Bacon Burger (RM 30.00) - Pulled Smoked Bacon with BBQ sauce and coleslaw, served with seasoned fries
The Smokin Bacon Burger (RM 17.00) - Pork patty topped with bacon, cheddar slice, served with season fries

The Smokin Bacon Burger is absolutely yum while the Pulled Bacon Burger is kinda too salty for my liking. Maybe I'm just not used to eating shredded bacon sandwiched into a burger. Their soft drinks are bottomless! Just bring asked the waiter and he will refill the glass for you.

S6, The Peak Vista Shoplots, Lorong Puncak 1,
Jalan Signal Hill Park, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Contact: 088 - 299199

** Non-Halal **

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